YUUU Advance Probiotic & Pine Needle Toothpaste 120 g.

The latest innovation that combines advance probiotic and pine needle into an integrated formula. Provides up to 8 benefits in one tube.


The latest innovation that combines advance probiotic and pine needle and other natural extracts. is an integrated formula Provides up to 8 benefits in one tube.


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• Balancing the oral cavity. Embrace strong gums and teeth.
• Reduce the formation of plaque.
• Reduce the formation of limestone deposits.
• Reduce gingivitis.
• Reduce the accumulation of pathogenic bacteria and tooth decay.
• Prevent bad breath Long lasting fresh breath
• Helps to whiten teeth.
• Reduce sensitive teeth.


There are more than 300 species of bacteria in the mouth, including good bacteria and bad bacteria. and pathogenic bacteria Imbalance of oral bacteria => pathogenic bacteria accumulation => plaque => cavities, tartar, gingivitis and bad breath.

“Plaque” is plaque that looks like a colorless, sticky film that sticks together on the surface of the teeth. caused by bacteria Streptococcus mutan (S. mutans) accumulates in the oral cavity. And clings to the teeth, gums and, apparently, the tongue. Which, if left to accumulate until thick, this plaque will harden. until becoming limestone and lead to many oral problems ranging from bad breath, white tongue, tooth decay, gingivitis, etc.

Tooth decay process, It needs to have 3 important elements together: the teeth, pathogenic bacteria. and acidic conditions within the mouth

These plaque (bacterial plaque) turn sugars and starches into acids. Destroys the minerals on the tooth surface until forming a small hole Grow bigger and bigger until it becomes tooth decay

A 2016 study by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR)* found that probiotic bacteria reduce and stop the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Streptococcus Mutans

Differences and strengths of YUUU toothpaste

1) First brand that contains advance probiotic and pine needle which is the latest innovation Bringing ingredients from good bacteria or probiotics into toothpaste for the benefit of balancing the oral cavity.

2) It is an integrated formula. Providing complete benefits in one tube, 8 benefits, whether it will reduce bad breath Helps reduce sensitive teeth, plaque, plaque, gingivitis, helps to whiten teeth and prevent tooth decay. Including nourishing gums and teeth to be strong

3) YUUU toothpaste adds the right amount of abrasive. It reduces the problem of cervical abrasion. Which is currently a problem that dentists encounter a lot from patients using toothpaste that contains excessive amounts of abrasives.

4) YUUU toothpaste, a mild taste on the oral mucosa. Because toothpaste with strong taste may cause inflammation of the oral mucosa and may destroy good microorganisms. in the mouth to decrease and lose balance

5) Components of toothpaste comes from natural herbs Free from harmful chemicals (100% natural & Herbal)