Pet Select Senior

Antioxidants, Anti-ageing, Nervous system nourishment, Old dogs, old cats

Pet Select Senior

Recent innovations for anti-ageing in dogs and cats by nourishing nervous system and cellular rejuvenation which could prolong your pet’s lifespan.

Key benefits

  • Nervous system nourishment and rejuvenating
  • Efficient antioxidants for joints and other degenerative conditions
  • Help detoxification
  • Prevent eyesight deterioration due to ageing
  • Promote immune system
  • Appropriate for every sexes, ages and breeds for health nourishment


  • Curcumin Extract: Synergist with other anti-oxidative agents for better anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Xanthone Extract: Anti-oxidants for attenuating cellular degeneration and promoting immune functions.
  • Grape Seed Extract: Contains anti-oxidants which help improving eyesight.
  • Fish Oil: Contains Omega-3 fatty acid which benefits for anti-inflammation, especially, skin and hair conditions.
  • Multivitamin and Multiple Amino Acids: Cellular regeneration and reparation.

Dose and usage:

< 5 kg ½ tab

5-10 kg 1 tab

10-20 kg 1 ½ tab

>20 kg 2 tab

Directly given or mixed with food

Contains: 30 tablets

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