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Medical shampoo for dogs and cats confidentially used by veterinary dermatologist in treating yeast, fungal and bacterial infection skin diseases.


  • Treating skin diseases infected by fungus, yeast and bacteria
  • Improving pruritus with scaling skin and dandruff hair
  • Curing greasy stinky skin caused by yeast and fungal infection
  • Conditioning skin and hair
  • Used under veterinarian suggestions

How to use:

  • 2 mL of shampoo per 1 kg of animal’s weight (2 teaspoons of shampoo per 5 kgs or 1 tablespoon per 7.5 kgs).
  • Firstly, wash the skin with clean water, following by shampoo (no needed to dilute with water).
  • Soaks for 10-15 minutes before wash out with clean water.
  • For animal with skin disease, use this shampoo twice a week. Taper down to once a week when the skin condition improves or follow the veterinarian advice.

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