Enhancing bone mass to the cellular level for increasing height in children and preventing osteoporosis/osteoarthritis in adults.


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Enhancing bone mass to the cellular level for increasing height in children and preventing osteoporosis/osteoarthritis in adults by CBP Rare nutrients which equal to drinking milk up to 53 liters.!

PreBO’s product, Holistic Nutrients for Bone for enhancing mass to the cellular level for healthy bones complete growth and preventing osteoporosis.

  • PreBO has an important nutrient which is CBP (Concentrated Bioactive Protein), low molecular protein extracted from cow’s milk that helps the body to absorb calcium more efficiently
  • PreBO has a CBP equivalent to 53 liters of milk.!
  • PreBO contains many important nutrients for bones, including shark cartilage powder, vitamin C and vitamin D.
  • PreBO suitable for all ages by helping childhood to have complete bone growth, increase height and prevent osteoporosis and osteoarthritis in adults
  • Products have been researched, developed, manufactured and imported from Japan under the unique formula of Interpharma
  • PreBO contains 60 capsules per packaging and should be taken 1 tablet daily to help the bones become healthy, grow completely and prevent osteoporosis causes.

Osteoblasts vs Osteoclasts

Did you know that bone strength is related to 2 types of cells which are “Osteoblasts” and “Osteoclasts”?

In a childhood period, Osteoblasts are outnumbered causing the bones to be enlarged, lengthened, and heightened, in which the more osteoblasts work which helps to increase the height a lot.

In adults, the function of both cell types will work contrarily. Osteoblasts will deteriorate gently until cannot be created enough as Osteoclasts resulting in osteoporosis/osteoarthritis

Increasing height in children and avoiding osteoarthritis in adults have the same answer which is “to enhance the efficiency of osteoblasts”

Let get to know CBP proteins to enhance Osteoblasts

CBP (Concentrated Bioactive Protein) is low molecular protein found in cow’s milk and breast milk that helps the bones to absorb more calcium and prevents calcium from being excreted from bones. In addition, CBP also has one remarkable property which the researchers found that CBP will balance the osteoblasts and osteoclasts by enhancing the formation of bone cells and regulate the function of osteoclasts at the same time

CBP is the final answer to nutrients for bone growth. Unfortunately, only 1 mg of CBP can be used in 1 liter. To receive CBP in sufficient quantities per day, it must be extracted as a supplement which can be achieved successfully in Japan

PreBO has CBP, the product has been imported from Japan.

PreBO, the nutritional product for bone health. 1 tablet is equivalent to 53 liters of milk! Plus, It contains important nutrients for bones, including Shark Cartilage powder, Vitamin C and vitamin D to strengthen bones and teeth.

  • For children should take 1 tablet of PreBO per day to increase bone growth and height.
  • For adults should take 1 tablet of PreBO per day to prevent osteoporosis, such as osteoporosis / osteoarthritis.
  • People who have bone problems such as osteomyelitis, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, arthritis. It will relieve pain from the disease and enhance the treatment

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