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All you need in a single toothpaste!
A holistic oral health care toothpaste that keeps you away from bad breath, gum diseases, and strengthen gums and teeth. Oral hygiene impacts on health and longevity

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All you need in a single toothpaste!

A holistic oral health care toothpaste that keeps you away from bad breath, gum diseases, and strengthen gums and teeth. Oral hygiene impacts on health and longevity

# Oral health is more important than you might think.
# Anti-aging tips to good oral hygiene.
# Mouth is the gateway to health and longevity.

Oral health can be used as a general health indicator because our mouth is the main channel and entrance of our body. If we take good care of our oral hygiene, we are more likely to live longer with a healthier life. Oral cavities are composed of both beneficial and harmful bacteria. A good oral health should have a balance between both types of bacteria. 

Oral health should not be overlooked, since it might cause oral problems in long term such as gingivitis, tooth decay and bad breath. In addition, it can cause infections which lead to several diseases such as heart diseases, stroke, diabetes and respiratory diseases 

including premature birth. The above conditions are due to improper care of the mouth, such as the way we brush our teeth. The use of low quality toothpaste that does not have the beneficial components or ingredients, will result in the imbalance of good and bad bacteria causing the bad bacteria to build up and slip into other organs through the circulatory system, eventually spreading to various systems and cause inflammation throughout the body. 

In addition, the use of certain drugs such as nasal congestion, analgesics, diuretics, and anti-depressants can reduce saliva which will result in the ease of invasion from bad bacteria into the mouth and lead to oral

infections and other parts of the body as well.

If we take good care of our mouth by brushing our teeth properly, using a toothpaste with the right ingredients and using dental floss; oral problems will not be a problem for us! 

Probiotics and Oral Health 

In general, more than 700 species of microorganisms are needed for a balancing oral health such as the good microorganisms that reproduce a substance to destroy harmful bacteria which are known as normal flora or probiotics. 

Most bacteria in our mouth form together into what it’s known as “Plaque”, which is a sticky thin substance like; that allows bacteria to attach itself to it, leading to tooth decay eventually. Tartar can easily form in this environment and cause inflammation. Therefore, keeping the balance of bacteria in your mouth is the best option in avoiding oral problems. 

Good oral hygiene is the combinateion of good and bad microorganisms which the good ones are known as probiotics and bad ones are known as pathogenic bacteria. Oral Problems occur when there is an imbalance of these two types of microorganisms. 

Probiotics have been recognized as one of the best strategies taken to help fight with tooth decay. According to a National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) study conducted in 2016, probiotic microorganisms reduced the number of S. mutans bacteria that were the main cause of plaque build-up. In Lab test, two types of Probiotics can reduce and stop the growth of S. mutans. 

Using oral probiotic extracts for oral care is an alternative way to restore balance to oral bacteria.

Mechanism of Probiotics 

Probiotics intercept with the activity of pathogenic bacteria that cause tooth decay and destroy them with the steps below.

  1. Attach itself with bacterial pathogens to intercept disease activity.
  2. Compete with bacterial pathogens to bind to the surface of the interior of the body.
  3. Steal foods and other supplies that bacterial pathogens need to grow.
  4. Generate antimicrobial agents such as free radicals, bacteriocin, organic acids, hydrogen peroxide, and acidic substances. 
  5. Prevent the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria and the activation of toxins from them. 
  6. Stimulate and balance the immune system. To get better disease resistance.

a toothpaste for holistic oral health care that prevents bad breath, gum diseases and strengthen gums and teeth. 

First time with probiotic and pine needle (ADVANCE PROBIOTIC & PINE NEEDLE) toothpaste combines with natural extracts. The toothpaste to restore the balance of the oral cavity by increasing good oral microorganism which will in turn reduce pathogenic bacteria, bad breath, plaque, gingivitis and periodontal diseases. Holistic oral health care which benefits for gums and teeth.

We are the leading in probiotics innovation, with our new YUUU Toothpaste with ADVANCE PROBIOTIC & PINE NEEDLE that will help boost the number of oral probiotics and reduce the pathogenic bacteria in a single toothpaste. 

YUUU Toothpaste is innovative toothpaste with 8 bioactive natural ingredients. 

  • Probiotic filtrate 
  • Pine needle oil 
  • Propolis extract 
  • Panax ginseng root extract 
  • Licorice root extract 
  • Grape Fruit seed extract 
  • Rosemary leaf extract 
  • Carmellia Sinensis leaf extract


Balance oral health in a single tube! Resolve all oral problems. 

  • Restore the balance of oral microorganism Reduce pathogenic bacteria and prevent tooth decay. 
  • Prevent chronic bad breath and produce fresh breath. 
  • Prevent plaque formation. 
  • Remove dental tartar. 
  • Reduce and prevent gum inflammation. 
  • Reduce tooth sensitivity. 
  • Whiten teeth. 
  • Balance oral health, as a key for longevity.


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