TS6 Cleansing Mousse

The First Probiotic filtrate for intimate care
⦁ Recovery Vaginal flora
⦁ Nutrition components for Vaginal flora
⦁ Antibacterial and Anti inflammation
⦁ Maintain vaginal acidity
⦁ Reduce unpleasant odors
⦁ Suitable for daily use

Vagina’s Natural Protection
The healthy human vagina is dominated by lactobacilli, which play an important role in protecting the host from urogenital infections.

⦁ The lactobacilli help maintain vaginal acidity by producing lactic acid, bacteriocins and hydrogen peroxide.
⦁ The female vagina has a naturally acidic pH that ranges from 3.5 to 4.5.
⦁ This acidic environment maintains that the levels of “good bacteria” (lactobacilli) and “bad” bacteria in balance.
⦁ A bacteria imbalance in the vagina can lead to irritation, odor or infections such as Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), the most common vaginal infection among menstruating women.
⦁ The presence of lactobacilli and their production are important for the vaginal health

Probiotic filtrate (TS-2L) is originally generated by extracting the bioactive constituent of fermented milk that is inoculated with two Lactobacillus stains isolated from a healthy female individual.
⦁ Probiotein®: interfere the harmful bacteria infection on
urethra epithelium,such as Candida albicans.
⦁ L-Lactic acid:lower the pH , eliminate the growth of
harmful bacteria and prevent infection.
⦁ H2O2 : eliminate or kill the harmful bacteria, inhibit the
growth of harmful bacteria through oxidation.
⦁ Bile salts:eliminate the growth of harmful bacteria.
⦁ Bacteriocin : eliminate the growth of harmful bacteria.
⦁ Amino acids and Vitamin B complex : the nutrition for micro flora growth

Tea tree oil

⦁ Antiseptic and Antifungal activity
⦁ Healing skin cuts
⦁ Healing burns

Aloe vera

⦁ Keep the skin moist and smooth
⦁ Anti-inflammatory
⦁ Wound-healing

Product specification

3 Active Ingredients
1. Probiotic filtrate
2. Tea tree oil
3. Aloe vera
⦁ Creamy softness with soap-free formula
⦁ No irritation to skin

How to use

Apply lukewarm water to the area needing cleansing. Apply adequate amount of mousse on hand and gently massage it lightly on the area. Rinse freely using lukewarm water.

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